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Brodas Bros: Concierto concepto

'Concierto Concepto' is a dance and music production with the aesthetic, technique and positivity of the Catalan company Brodas Bros. The prestigious group, famous for their hip hop, fuse the concept of the concert with a breakdance show, creating a montage that can be performed in a theatre as much as in the street.

  1. Coliseum Gran Via, 595, Eixample, 08007
  2. Fri Feb 27 - Sun Mar 15
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Secció irregular: We love radio

  • Free

As an epilogue to the exhibition of sound art 'Intèrval', the Irregular Section presents, in collaboration with the Antoni Tàpies Foundation and BUDA (Kortrijk), selected works of sound art by artists from the field of experimental dance. In a world heavily dominated by images, it seems that artists are paying more and more attention to sound and, by extension, to the radio. For many creators of contemporary art radio is not just an old and good communication tool, but it has a wide range of interesting possibilities: the disconnection time, and space, voice and body, stimulate listeners' imaginations, and they become an active audience of an imaginary show, each creating their own images to the sounds they hear. For the duration of this two-day festival, a group of multidisciplinary artists from across Europe will explore the relationships between radio and several unexpected formats.

  1. Fundació Antoni Tàpies Aragó, 255, Eixample, 08007
  2. Fri Feb 27
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IDN 2015: Quantum

'Quantum' is the result of an artistic residency at the main laboratory for particle physics in the world: CERN in Geneva. There Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin discovered that we are just stardust floating in space, and gravity is the weakest force in the universe – a real surprise for a contemporary dancer whose work focuses so often on contact with the earth. It was also where he met an emerging figure in the visual arts, German artist Julius von Bismarck. The result of this artistic collision was 'Quantum', a highly sophisticated piece, an ode to particle physics for six dancers. The original music is by American Carla Scaletti and incorporates real data from the particle accelerator.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri Feb 27
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IDN 2015: Shiver

After the trilogy, which deconstructed the relationship between movement, sound and image ('Playback', 'Amauros', and 'Small Explosion withG lass and Repeat Echo'), 'Shiver' will question reality itself.  A complex video system projects their own replicas onto the bodies live, stylised with computer animation. It's about building a dubious and suspenseful atmosphere that plays with the codes of film noir and horror movies. By experimenting with the discrepancies between projections and reality, 'Shiver' troubles the senses, generating suspicion and disquiet. The set becomes – in a playful manner – a mirror of a most profound and even physical dread. The universe in tension: shivers of the spine are guaranteed.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Sat Feb 28
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