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Secció irregular: Carta blanca a Luz Broto + Cap a una estètica de la bona voluntat + Sense títol

This seventh session of the 'Irregular section' at Mercat de les Flors features three pieces by three different authors: 'Carta blanca a Luz Broto', by Luz Broto, an artist who comes from the visual arts but often works with the presence, space and arrangement of bodies in a way that is sometimes like theatre and others like choreography; 'Cap a una estètica de la bona voluntat', from Amaranta Velarde, a piece inspired by the future imagined by Michel Houllebecq in the book 'Les Particules Élémentaires'; and 'Untitled', by Evol, an audiovisual piece for speakers, strobe lights and photoluminescent paint that plays with the dualities of visible/inivisible, audible/inaudible, contraction/expansion.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri Apr 25
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Direction and choreography: Kanga Valls. With: Susana Ayllón, Manel Cabeza, Kiko López, Sergi Orduña, Isaac Suárez, Kanga Valls. The new show from urban dance company Kulbik is a journey through time and space with the imagination as an only ally. The road is full of metaphors about the human condition and its evolution, which causes thousands of people to live in a welfare state at the expense of land resources.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Thu May 1 - Sun May 4
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Secció irregular: María Jerez + Chico y Chica

The final session during the 'Irregular Section' season at Mercat de les Flors includes 'Ba-deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be-Dooper!', from Madrid-based artist María Jerez, whose work lies somewhere between film, choreography, theatre, architecture and visual arts. There's also 'Pronto y poco', from the technopop duo from Bilbao Chico y Chica, where they address, via an electronic show, the convention of an unplugged concert, adapting their sound and repertoire to a smaller format. With a custom keyboard and a musical cabaret attitude, they provoke continuous scenic events in the interaction between vocals and music.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri May 9
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