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Choreography and direction: Cesc Gelabert. With: Daniel Corrales, Lluç Fruitos, Virginia Gimeno, Ana Hierro, Lorena nogal, Luis Pedraza, Alberto Pineda.   The hybridisation of languages – Catalan and English – that form the title of this show serves to help choreographer Cesc Gelabert present a hybridisation of two of the principal nonverbal languages in Catalan culture – football and dance – and establish a dialogue between the expressive power and poetic nature of these theatrical manifestations. 'Foot-ball' gives you the chance to see a team of dancers use choreography to decode some of the best of FC Barcelona's plays, re-created by filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta.

  1. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya Pl. de les Arts, 1, 08013
  2. Fri Jan 30 - Sun Feb 1
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What the Body Does Not Remember

The surprising debut from Wim Vandekeybus and his company Última Vez back in 1987 shook up the world of dance. In New York, Vandekeybus and composers Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch received the prestigious Bessie Award for their 'brutal confrontation of dance and music: the dangerous, combative landscape of "What the Body Does Not Remember".' The show is now back again touring globally with other performers, 25 years after their first successful run in the Mercat de les Flors. Vandekeybus's original choreography dances on the dangerous line between attraction and repulsion. At times the result is confrontation, first between two dancers, then between two groups, between dancers and music, and between dancers and an intricate and fascinating game of lines drawn and crossed or not. But above all, it's an explosion of aggression, fear and danger.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri Jan 30 - Sun Feb 1
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Love-ism + Ferrum + Please me Please

Three shows are grouped under the name of Julidans NEXT, a bet on new talent, and the last session in the Mercat de les Flors of those sessions dedicated to the Netherlands. 'Love-ism' was inspired by the book 'The Art of Love', by Erich Fromm. It's a project that explores the intimacy of human beings and that has resulted in a piece that's essentially a series of duets, workshops and a movie. At the Mercat, they present the film 'Love-ism | Things That Matter', a duet and a workshop. 'Ferrum' is a duet inspired by the poem 'Seventh Dance', by Hezy Lesky – it's a physically powerful dialogue between the two dancers; Liado Waysbort created the solo 'Please Me Please' for the young dancer Iva Ugrin, where he's transformed from a man into a woman, from an object of desire into someone who desires, from a dancer in a porn star. It goes organically from an extreme image and plays with our preconceptions of what we see and what we feel.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Sat Jan 31
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