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Artistic direction, choreography and performance:: Akram Khan and Israel Galván.    'Torobaka' takes its title from a phonetic poem of Maori inspiration by Tristan Tzara. The bull and the cow are sacred animals in the traditions of the two dancers and they represent the fusion of both styles of dance. More than just imitate one another, the dancers' intention is to create a new genre born out of mutual strength to better understand the way to approach the other's style. A true artistic exchange.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri Oct 3 - Sun Oct 5
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Choreography and direction: Andrés Corchero. With: Javier Cárcel, Ferran Echegaray, Jordi Font, Carlos Gallardo and Anna Vendrell. 'Personne' is a new piece that's come out of the workshop of the last course in physical theatre of the ESAD de l’Institut del Teatre, presented in 2013 in the Teatre Alegria de Terrassa under the title 'Si és que sóc jo i no sóc jo' (I'm me but not me'). 'Personne' is a delicate work that doesn't try to explain history that Samuel Beckett describes in his novels, but that uses his words, incorporates them via the body and transforms them into dance, movement and physical theatre.

  1. Sala Beckett Alegre de Dalt, 55 bis, Gràcia, 08024
  2. Fri Oct 10 - Sun Oct 12
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One-Hit Wonders

Direction: Sol Picó, Ernesto Collado. Choreography and performance: Sol Picó.    Sol Picó gives an overview of her career. Board the choreographer and dancer's plane that's piloted by her alter ego. She makes a practice of sincerity revealing her vulnerability to the passengers in the audience by exposing the intrinsic fear that has always accompanied her throughout her artistic career. It's a panoramic view over the course of an artist's working life: that which is left behind, that which is acquired and that which endures.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Fri Oct 10 - Sun Oct 19
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Original idea and performance: Andreane Leclerc.    The death of a turtle with a body made of flesh and a shell: the animal embodies the duality between the eternity of his shell, spanning time, and the death of his flesh, that breaks down over time. 'Cherepaka' also symbolises the tension that exists in humans between their aspirations for eternal life (an immortal shell) and the mortality of the animal flesh. The show is inspired by the work of Francis Bacon and aims to deconstruct the spectacle of contortion to make a dramatic script out of this acrobatic language.

  1. Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004
  2. Wed Oct 8 - Thu Oct 9
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