This weekend in Barcelona

Our editors' selection of the best galleries, concerts, gigs, cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, films and more that you won't want to miss this weekend in Barcelona.

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Our editors' selection of the best galleries, concerts, gigs, cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, films and more that you won't want to miss this weekend in Barcelona.

Film • Wild Combination. A Portrait of Arthur Russel

Matt Wolf. USA, 2008. Original language, Spanish subtitles. 71'.

The Maldà cinemas hosts the series of In-Edit music documentaries going hand in hand for the fifth consecutive year with the Primavera in the City programming part of Primavera Sound. The In-Edit film festival, which started in Barcelona in 2003, gives fans the chance to enjoy music from a cinematic perspective. Opening the festival is this documentary by Matt Wolf, whose subject is the late Arthur Russell. The journey begins in pastoral Iowa, where Russell dreamed of the beat poets, carries on to a Buddhist commune, and from there to New York City. And it's all filled with Russell's friendship with Allen Ginsberg, the ravages of AIDS, and a singular obsession: to find the perfect sound. Winner of the 2008 In-Edit music documentary film festival.

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Cinemes Maldà 22 May 2015

Theatre • Diary of a Scoundrel

The tale of one man's mission to worm his way into upper-class society, no matter what it takes. Set in contemporary London, this humorous social critique follows Gregory Gloumov, a poor, young bachelor, on his quest to marry a wealthy woman and acquire a simple, yet lucrative job in politics. To reach these goals, Gloumov will lie, flatter, seduce and cater to the vanities of the wealthy. Unable to contain his disgust with his victims, Gloumov decides to vent his unvoiced, satirical comments by recording his schemes in a diary. But one day he leaves it sitting on his desk... for all the world to see. (Get a 40% discount [€12 per ticket instead of €20] when you purchase tickets using the secret code ESCAPADE in the 'Scoundrel 12' box on the ticket website.)

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Versus Teatre Until Sun May 24

Gig • Echosmith

This pop-rock band out of Los Angeles is made up of four siblings between 16 and 22 years old who grew up in musical surroundings and learned to play instruments as youngsters while they fed on rock and pop bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Coldplay and U2. These influences have led to 'Talking Dreams', their debut album of fresh and colourful pop replete with melodic gems such as their first single, 'Cool Kids'.

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Bikini 22 May 2015

Gig + Clubbing • The Ting Tings + DJ Boix + Amable

The duo of Katie White and Jules de Martino (aka The Ting Tings) went to Ibiza to record their latest album, 'Super Critical', because, why not? They of course got drenched in the island's notorious club scene and into the spirit of Diana Ross, Chic, Tom Tom Club, Stevie Knicks, Jackson 5 and Bruce Springsteen, which naturally all go together. Their sound is more organic, analogue and warm, and ever so danceable.

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Razzmatazz Until Fri May 22

Clubbing • Ping Pong Friday at Luz de Gas!

Every Friday, from midnight to 2am, Luz de Gas is hosting #PingPongFriday, a trend that's flown in from NYC to BCN. If you're the type who likes going out but not necessarily up to much on the dance floor, for a couple of hours you can play ping pong instead, along with the club's music and a few drinks. You can also face down the 'great Mister X', a mysterious table tennis player who will take on any challengers. If you beat him, you could take home a bottle of GHMUMM champagne. And if you lose, you can always just play with your friends.

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Luz de Gas Friday May 29 2015 - Friday June 26 2015

Food & drink • Eat Street

On Saturday the 23rd, city's top street food market rolls out in the Moll de Sant Bertran in the Port de Barcelona at its usual time, from noon to 11.30pm. But this time around you can expect loads of new stuff. The idea is to celebrate spring, so there will be a picnic area with natural grass and plants. As for the most important part of the day – the food – Eat Street is debuting new gastronomic offerings as well as new chefs. Read on for details as to what's on offer in addition to the food!

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Moll de Sant Bertran 23 May 2015

Art & culture • Tallers oberts (Open Studios)

Nearly 20 years ago, the Tallers Oberts (Open Studios) kicked off as a project from the Foment de les Arts i el Disseny (FAD), to have a few days when local artists come out of hiding and open their blinds and their doors for the public to go in and see what they get up to in there. Over two weekends this year the public can visit 152 spaces (if you have that kind of time and energy!) in Sarrià, Gràcia, Ciutat Vella and Poble-sec.

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Taller Josep Maria Cabané 23 May 2015 Free

Shopping • Flea Market Sants

The folks at Flea Market are taking over the Sants neighbourhood for the next edition of this renowned second-hand market. They've joined forces with local businesses and planned out a Sunday full of music and activities for the whole family. In the España Industrial park, you'll find stalls filled with second-hand clothing, furniture, and vinyl records. Flea Market is all about second-hand and sustainability, but they're also hosting ping-pong and 'petanca' (lawn bowling) competitions, and electronic music workshops for kids.

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Parc de l'Espanya Industrial 23 May 2015 Free

Dance • Los Vivancos, 'Aeternum'

Flamenco, ballet, contemporary dance, folk dance, martial arts, acrobatics, magic, the circus, tap dance, a designer wardrobe and grand, elaborate staging are some of the ingredients that make up ‘Aeternum’, an ensemble work from dance company Los Vivancos, with the collaboration of Daniele Finzi, creator of shows like Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Corteo’.

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Teatre Tívoli Wednesday May 27 2015 - Sunday June 7 2015

Concert • Katie Melua

This Georgia-born British artist is known internationally now as she was in 2007, when she became the female artist who sold the most albums in the world – a total of 11 million – and had 56 platinum albums to her name. London is where Katie Melua grew professionally, after composer and producer Mike Batt discovered her at the BRIT School for the Performing Arts, where she was studying. Throughout her career she has experienced some truly special moments such as performing for Nelson Mandela with her idols Queen and during a dinner for the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace. Her concerts highlight a sensitivity that shows off her elegant pop with touches of folk and jazz. Melua carries on in that line with her latest work, 'Ketevan' (2013) that covers a variety of subjects with romance and melancholy.

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Gran Teatre del Liceu 23 May 2015

Gig • Jenny and the Mexicats

Jenny and the Mexicats are a multicultural group made up of English trumpet player Jenny Ball, Mexican musicians Icho (double bass) and Pantera (guitar), and Spaniard David, who started out on this adventure almost by accident. Their name is a wink to the colloquial name for people from Madrid ('gatos', or cats), and they mix sounds of jazz, rockabilly, folk, flamenco, reggae, Veracruz 'son', country... and all this ends up somehow giving them their own singular, practically inimitable personality. They're in town with their album 'Frenético ritmo'.

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Sidecar Factory Club 23 May 2015

Clubbing • 2ManyDJs + Omez

Critics' choice

Belgian brothers Steven and David Dewaele (aka 2manydjs) used to have a rock band, but they made their name as DJs. Maybe that's why their sets have more of an attitude of a live rock show and they're always working facing the dance floor, mixing to perfection hits manipulated for the occasion. You won't find a more eclectic and surprising show, with their session that mixes pop, funk, prog rock, R&B and hip hop.

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Under Club Until Sat May 23

Shopping • Palo Alto Market

The Palo Alto Market is back this weekend with another of its editions featuring fashion, design, vintage objects and restored furniture, as well as loads of new offerings. There's also a great selection of food on the go, and workshops for kids and adults alike. And don't forget the art exhibitions and live music to entertain.

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Palo Alto 24 May 2015

Exhibition • Unseen. Jessica Lange

In 1967, Jessica Lange got a scholarship from the University of Minnesota to study photography, but the fickle fancies of student life led her to Spain and in Paris, where she decided to give preference to the dramatic arts rather than her practice behind the lens. It was then that she started her acting career, which led her to become a star in iconic films and to receive two Best Actress Oscars  for her performances in 'Tootsie' (1983) and 'Blue Sky' (1995). It wouldn't be until later, in the early 1990s (when Sam Shepard gave her a Leica M6), when Lange would pick up her passion for photography once again. She shot images along her travels: the United States, France, Finland and Italy are among the countries highlighted, though she showed a fondness for Mexico because of its 'lights and great nights'. This exhibition brings together 134 of Lange's photos from over the last 20 years, divided into two series: 'Things I See' and 'Mexico, On Scene'. A large part of these photos have never been shown on exhibition before and are seen here for the first time.

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Arts Santa Mònica Tuesday May 26 2015 - Sunday June 28 2015 Free

Food & drink • Tapantoni

You can feel it in the air... it's the spring edition of Tapantoni, the tapas route throughout the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni (get the name now?), sponsored by Mortiz beer. From May 15 to 31, 45 establishments are offering a tapa and a drink for just €2.50, and five restaurants – Bar Calders, Can Cargolet, Els Ocellets, La Tata and El Dinàmic de BCN – are pulling out all the stops with a special Tapantoni menu for €25. Read on for details.

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Sant Antoni Until Sunday May 31 2015

DJ sets • Brunch Electronik: The Hacker + Joris Delacroix + Akufen + Pedro Bucarelli

Critics' choice

The Hacker is one of the most elegant and discrete members of the French electronic scene. Raised in Grenoble and influenced by Kraftwerk, Italo disco, cold wave and EBM, he's also toyed with Detroit techno and forged his style via all these influences. Together with Kiko, Oxla and the Goodlife label, The Hacker has managed to put Grenoble and the French touch on the international techno map.

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Poble Espanyol Until Sun May 24

Swing dancing • World Lindy Hop Day at Apolo

Believe it or not, there's a World Lindy Hop Day, and it's on May 26. To celebrate swing dancing's biggest day of the year, Apolo's putting on a huge party where swing is the star on May 24. The fiesta will pay tribute to Frankie Manning, one of the classic dancers of the genre. At the door you'll be greeted with a glass of Martini Royal, courtesy of the Time Out en Viu sponsor. Put on your dancing shoes and glad rags and get to Apolo for a roaring great time.

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Sala Apolo Until Sun May 24

Clubbing • Daniel Stefanik + Miguel Bastida + Erlin James

In Daniel Stefanik, deep house has one of its latest sure bets. The German artist opts for a more underground house when it's no longer the coolest thing. He's also collaborated with one of the greatest leaders of this more underground house sound, Mathias Tanzmann, one of the founders of Moon Harbour Recordings. Another of his side projects is Urban Force with Stefan Wesemann.

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Pacha Barcelona Until Sun May 24