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State at the cathedral-like Alsina is the talk of electro partyland these days, thanks to the hi-fi sound and consistently strong line-up of international...

Adolfo Alsina 940
Major venue

Club Severino

Clubs, Dance

While the rest of Buenos Aires is slumbering Monday nights away, the city's carefree party crowd is dancing at Club Severino. The evening features rock, pop...

Hipolito Yrigoyen 851

Manzana de las Luces

Critics' choice

The 'Block of Enlightenment' is a complex of historical buildings that occupies an entire city block (manzana can mean 'block' as well as 'apple'). You can...

Perú 272

Moreno 376

Critics' choice

An art deco exterior forms the shell of this seven-floor boutique hotel, with an interior design that's starkly modern and minimalist. There are, however, a...

Moreno 376


Restaurants & cafés

D'Oro is one of those few restaurants that manages to attract both locals and foreigners. It isn't an overly stylish type of restaurant, but there's virtue...

Peru 159

La Trastienda


In the ruins of an old mansion dating from 1895, the Trastienda holds 400 people seated at small tables and another 1,000 standing. A mecca for serious...

Balcarce 460

Los 36 Billares


Opened in 1894, this café, billiard hall and tango school is brimming with history. Thursdays and Saturdays are solely tango, and a live orchestra...

Avenida de Mayo 1265

Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo y de la Revolución de Mayo


The Cabildo was the HQ of the city council between 1580 and 1821. The museum comprises a number of austere rooms in which you'll find valuable items such as...

Bolívar 65

La Cayetana Historic House


Opened in 2005, this thoughtfully restored 1820s home is nestled on a back street behind a plain wooden door, and a buzz-to-enter policy adds to the sense...

México 1330



Conveniently located between San Telmo and Microcentro, this is the city's liveliest and most popular hostel, so be sure to book well in advance. Always...

Hipólito Yrigoyen 959

Museo Etnográfico


This museum's small, fascinating collection includes headdresses, masks and cooking implements as well as panels describing Argentina's indigenous tribes,...

Moreno 350