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Ciudad Cultural Konex


This trendy complex, based in a former factory, provides a gritty backdrop to a wide array of original events, pulling in a young and bohemian crowd. It's...

Avenida Sarmiento 3131

Cantina Pierino

Restaurants & cafés

This classic BA cantina has been serving authentic Italian food since 1907. Check out the tasty starters - fritata (mozzarella tortillas) and chiambotta...

Lavalle 3499

La Esquina de Carlos Gardel

Critics' choice

It's a very touristy show, but the venue is grand, the dancers sexy and showbizzy, and the dinner involves big steaks and blood-red wine.

Pasaje Carlos Gardel 3200
Major venue

Hoyts Abasto Buenos Aires


One of the best of the multiplexes, Hoyts Abasto turns into an arthouse venue during BA's excellent BAFICI Film Festival.

Abasto de Buenos Aires shopping centre

El Camarín de las Musas


This is a sophisticated, multipurpose venue that gets rave reviews for its highbrow productions. Enjoy a reasonably priced meal or a drink in the arty...

Mario Bravo 960

Club Atlético Fernández Fierro

Critics' choice

The Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro holds a weekly residency here - and regular Saturday night fiestas - filling the warehouse-like space with an...

Sánchez de Bustamante 764

Espacio Callejón


One of the best places in BA for gutsy and unusual new productions, this quirky theatre also offers evening classes in clowning and acting.

Humahuaca 3759


Critics' choice

Sommelier Nigel Tollerman, who works closely with the folk at Francis Ford Coppola's Jardín Escondido hotel offers a delivery service (orders within the...

Anchorena 695

Imaginario Cultural

Bars & pubs

Bare-bricked and laid-back, Imaginario Cultural lies at the centre of Abasto's ever-growing indie scene. A trendy crowd gathers here every evening,...

Bulnes 901


Restaurants & cafés

A new kid on the Abasto block, the modern Mochica is run by Elvis and his mother, with the kitchen ably manned by the experienced and passionate Iris....

Agüero 520

Reina Kunti

Restaurants & cafés

How you feel about Reina Kunti will depend in part on how you feel about cats roaming freely in restaurants. If you don't mind the moggies, you'll love this...

Humahuaca 3461

Vaca Profana


Vaca Profana is a major stop-off point for a wide range of quality local bands. Small and intimate with good drinks and tapas, it's a prime spot to relax...

Lavalle 3683

Soco Hotel


This 1920s mansion turned 12-room hotel features colourful tapestries, pottery and local artwork throughout. Bright pink and lime-green walls and on-site...

Lavalle 3119

El Pórton de Sánchez


The dance-heavy programme features troupes such as Grupo Krapp as well as plays that fall at the pricier, more polished end of the indie spectrum.

Sánchez de Bustamante 1034