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Buque Museo Fragata Presidente Sarmiento

Critics' choice

This frigate, built in Birkenhead, was used as a training ship from 1897 to 1961 and is now a museum full of photos, maps and domestic objects, with the...

Alicia Moreau de Justo 900

El Zanjón de Granados

Attractions, Museums

Part archaeological museum, part event space, El Zanjón is a beautifully restored residence encapsulating three centuries of urban living. Although the...

Defensa 755
Major venue

Museo de Armas de la Nacíon


This well-curated weapons museum in the Palacio Retiro houses a sizeable collection of arms and army uniforms, some dating from the 12th century and some...

Avenida Santa Fe 750

Museo de la Deuda Externa


The Museum of Foreign Debt harks back not only to the city's golden age but to a recent and less glittering era: the economic crisis of 2001-02. The museum...

Centro Cultural Ernesto Sábato

Museo Etnográfico


This museum's small, fascinating collection includes headdresses, masks and cooking implements as well as panels describing Argentina's indigenous tribes,...

Moreno 350

Museo Evita


Opened in 2001, this museum is housed in an aristocratic residence that Juan Perón expropriated; he converted it into a women's shelter for his wife's...

Lafinur 2988
Major venue

Museo Histórico Nacional


This useful introduction to the city's history includes exhibits from the pre-Columbian, conquest and post-independence periods, plus countless photographs...

Defensa 1600

Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo y de la Revolución de Mayo


The Cabildo was the HQ of the city council between 1580 and 1821. The museum comprises a number of austere rooms in which you'll find valuable items such as...

Bolívar 65

Museo Histórico y Numismático del Banco de la Nación Argentina


A real mouthful of a museum, this one is mainly of interest to anthropologists and those who enjoy staring at money they'll never be able to spend. It...

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