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La Viruta

Critics' choice

These milonga nights take place in a homely community centre. Dancers of all ages happily come together for tango, with a sprinkling of salsa and even rock...

Armenia 1366
Major venue


Clubs, Dance

If you like your nights out to be full-body experiences - light on conversation and heavy on music and people-watching - then Liv's Friday event, Together,...

Juan B Justo 1658,
Tags: Palermo

Salón Canning


This large hall gets taken over by a variety of different milongas. Particularly popular are the Monday- and Tuesday-night events, known as Parakultural and...

Scalabrini Ortiz 1331

Tango Cool


This is a friendly and informal milonga with good beginners' classes in English. Start the night with a class, and then dance away with an international...

Córdoba 5064