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Asia de Cuba


Though the clubbing 'in' crowd has drifted away over the years, this swish waterfront resto-club still packs in executives and tourists from the swanky...

Pierina Dialessi 750

Buque Museo Fragata Presidente Sarmiento

Critics' choice

This frigate, built in Birkenhead, was used as a training ship from 1897 to 1961 and is now a museum full of photos, maps and domestic objects, with the...

Alicia Moreau de Justo 900

Cabaña Las Lilas

Restaurants & cafés

It's a tourist trap for sure, but it's got an atmospheric dockside location and a jumbo wine list. But what really matters is the meat. Whatever part of the...

Alicia Moreau de Justo 516
Major venue

Cinemark 8


This modern docklands complex has eight screens and a restaurant. It shows a mixture of Hollywood and Latin American new releases, as does its ten-screen...

Alicia Moreau de Justo 1920

Colección De Arte Amalia Lacroze De Fortabat


The 'collection' in the name refers to the fact that this impressive new gallery, containing both Argentinian and international art, is the privately owned...

Olga Cossettini 141
Major venue

El Bistro

Restaurants & cafés

From an aesthetic perspective alone, there's no restaurant in Argentina quite like El Bistro, from the bright white interior slashed with crimson to the...

Faena Hotel + Universe
Major venue

El Mercado

Restaurants & cafés

Loved, lauded, and occasionally criticised, this stunning restaurant tends to split opinions. But no one can deny that Philippe Starck was at his most...

El Mercado, Faena Hotel + Universe

Faena Hotel + Universe


Richly red and decadent, sleekly white and contemporary, and designed by Philippe Starck, this opulent, lavish lodging is cocooned in the shell of a...

Martha Salotti 445
Major venue

I Fresh Market

Restaurants & cafés

At this modern New York-style deli, healthy breakfasts (smoothies, cured ham and scrambled eggs), lunch (pastrami and pickles on rye, smoked salmon bagels)...

Azucena Villafor

iCentral Market

Restaurants & cafés

Flowers? You got it. Artwork? Yup. Find wine and gourmet food? Of course! This jack-of-all-trades Puerto Madero multi-space is designed to keep everybody...

Pierina Dealessi

La Parolaccia

Restaurants & cafés

At this modern New York-style deli, healthy breakfasts (smoothies, cured ham and scrambled eggs), lunch (pastrami and pickles on rye, smoked salmon bagels)...

Alicia Moreau de Justo 1052


Restaurants & cafés

This Asian fusion restaurant serves creative Japanese-inspired dishes such as breaded flash-fried salmon rolls, tempura sushi and many varieties of cooked...

Olga Cossettini 1185

Puro Remo

Sport, health & fitness

This highly professional kayak and rowing outfit offers tourist services in addition to classes, including trips north to the lush Delta or the scenic...

Juana Manso

Rëd Resto & Lounge

Restaurants & cafés

Rëd, at the Hotel Madero, is cool and classy without being over the top or stuffy. Chef Steven Jung adds personal touches to French cuisine, ranging from...

Hotel Madero

Rojo Tango


From the moment you enter Faena Hotel + Universe, you realise that Rojo Tango is not your average dinner and show. You'll be greeted with a glass of...

Faena Hotel + Universe
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