Lars Von Trier: the world’s most hardcore director?

The Danish filmmaker has taken a vow of media silence, so we got the lowdown on Lars from the cast of his new film, “Nymphomaniac”



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  1. Stacy Martin
  2. Stellan Skarsgård
  3. Charlotte Gainsbourg

This is Gainsbourg’s third film with Von Trier. The 42-year-old French actress and singer also starred in Antichrist and Melancholia.

Maybe growing up with my father [singer Serge Gainsbourg] prepared me for Lars—I love to link them in a way. I don’t think they’re similar, but this outburst of provocation I saw in my father too. And the drinking.

When I first met Lars, doing Antichrist, he was in a bad place. He was suffering [from depression] and kept saying he didn’t know if he could come the next day and had panic attacks. On Melancholia, he was much, much better.

There hasn’t been an evolution in how we work; it’s mainly a lot of trust. I think I understand him, but I don’t know him that well. He’s still mysterious. I like that. He’s unpredictable.

I think he knows everything about me, both physically and what I have in my head. I love working with Lars. I feel he respects me and that’s why I trust him so much.

The nudity wasn’t a big deal for me. Having done Antichrist, I knew he was very respectful. Also, I’m not as naked as Stacy: when I take over the character, there’s less sex. It’s mostly suffering. I did have a prosthetic vagina as by the end of the film I’m completely destroyed down there. It took hours to put on in the morning.

  1. Stacy Martin
  2. Stellan Skarsgård
  3. Charlotte Gainsbourg

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