Brunch in Chicago: Best restaurants for eggs, waffles and booze

Our guide highlights the best brunch in Chicago, including the best restaurants to find those all-important brunch cocktails.



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Martha Williams

Brunch in Chicago means going beyond the mimosa, inventive takes on eggs Benedict and the latest brunch obsession: breakfast sandwiches. Yet brunch classics-from waffles to pancakes-still get plenty of love. And for any brunch haters out there, we have one word: breakfast.

Best brunches in Chicago

20 best brunch spots in Chicago

Critical praise for the gluttonous, strident, restorative culture of a weekend tradition.

Best spots for Saturday brunch

Where to eat on this neglected weekend morning.

Best breakfasts in Chicago

We ate at dozens of city breakfast spots so you can start your mornings at some of the best.

Diner deals

How do the city's greasy spoons stack up?

More of Chicago's best brunches

Breakfast classics

7 over-the-top French toasts

Now with fried chicken, s'mores and foie gras.


Where to get the best bacon in Chicago

5 great pancake restaurants

Chicago joints to get your syrup on

5 great French toasts for brunch

Great examples of the brunch staple

5 great huevos rancheros

Where to sate your brunch craving for the traditional Mexican dish

Breakfast breads

When nothing but sugar and fat will get you through the day, it's time to reach for Chicago's best pastries.

5 great quiches

Find buttery, flaky perfection.

Hash browns versus breakfast potatoes

A writer decides which potatoes have her heart: hash browns or home fries.

More breakfast classics

Brunch beverage guide

Beyond the mimosa

Try these new classic brunch cocktails.

Evolution of Chicago coffee

How Chicago's coffee scene has changed from Starbucks to Intelligentsia to Asado.

How to navigate a Bloody Mary bar

A master bartender from the Aviary tackles brunch’s most popular cocktail.

Brunch restaurant reviews

Fat Rice brunch review

It's the most inventive brunch in town

Dusek's Board & Beer brunch review

Fried oyster hash, a giant cinnamon roll and brunch punch

Honey Butter Fried Chicken brunch review

Fried chicken gets more morning-friendly

Parson's Chicken & Fish brunch review

Now that the patio has closed for the season, Parson's the turns its attention to brunch

Antique Taco brunch review

The humble huarache gets prime billing at a new Wicker Park brunch.

Trenchermen brunch review

Pat and Mike Sheerin put a chefy twist on the ham-and-cheese.

Pecking Order brunch review

A detailed look at Kristine Subido’s arroz caldo

Carriage House brunch review

The best food here? The drinks.

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