Chicago hot dogs: Reviews of 31 Chicago dogs during July

In celebration of National Hot Dog Month, we reveal a new review of a Chicago hot dog every day in July.



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  • Photograph: Martha Williams

    Hot dog at the Four Seasons

  • Vienna Beef Hot Dog at Jim's Original

  • The hot dog at The Wieners Circle is charred and topped with the traditional condiments.

  • Mayor Daley dog at Chicago's Dog House

  • Photograph: Maddie Blecha

    Hot Dog and Fries at Budacki's Drive In

  • Denver Dog at Zebra's Gourmet Hot Dogs.

  • Photograph: Martha Williams

    Foie Dog at The Grid

  • Hot dog at Red Hot Ranch

  • Vegetarian dog and Kim and Carlo's

  • Publican Quality Meats

  • Dogzilla at Byron's

  • Hot dog at 35th Street Red Hots

  • Vienna Beef Factory Store hot dog

  • Hot Doug's Cheddar Jack-Stuffed Atomic Bomb Pork Sausage

  • Cheddar dog at U.B. Dogs

  • Hot dog at Flub A Dub Chub's

  • Photograph: Martha Williams

    Green Chilies Mac & Cheese Dog at The Haute & the Dog

  • The Momona at Chubby Wieners

  • Photograph: Erin Delahanty

    Foot long Chicago dog at Murphy's Red Hots.

  • Hot Dog at Gene & Jude's

  • Dippin' Dog at Wiener and Still Champion

  • Photograph: Martha Williams

    Char Dog w/ Fries at Phil's Last Stand

  • Chicago style char dog at Gold Coast Dogs

  • House Made Mini Hot Dogs at Old Town Social

  • Jumbo Chicago dog at Portillo's.

  • Hot dog at Mustard's Last Stand

  • Hot with everything at Max's Take Out

  • Photograph: Erin Delahanty

    Brunch Hot Dog at Franks 'N' Dawgs

  • Susie's Drive-Thru

  • Classic Superdawg at Superdawg

  • Huey's Hotdogs

Photograph: Martha Williams

Hot dog at the Four Seasons

In a city that loves its hot dogs perhaps even more than it loves its pizza, declaring the best opens up a mustard-hued floodgate of criticism. But we know of no better way to honor that 31-day holiday, National Hot Dog Month, than eating and reviewing a new hot dog every day in July. Some are from humble hot dog stands, some from restaurants in fancy hotels (only in Chicago, right?), but all get a thorough critique from our no-nonsense writers. Disagree with our assessments? Let us have it in the comments section. Just like a Vienna beef dog, we have strong outer shells.

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Hot Dog of the Day: Allium

Our 31st hot dog is from Allium.

The Wieners Circle

The hot dogs come with a side of terrible service.

Budacki's Drive In

American classics are served at this drive-in that's not a drive-in.

The Grid

A decadent dog, served underground.

Kim and Carlo's

Can a veggie dog compete with its all-beef counterparts?


There's no reason to put shredded lettuce on a hot dog.

Vienna Beef Factory Store

The factory puts out a solid Chicago-style dog.

U.B. Dogs

See that cheese? It's delicious.

The Haute and the Dog

This Wicker Park spot is all about gourmet dogs.

Murphy's Red Hots

Skip the cucumbers and you'll have a solid Chicago-style dog..

Wiener and Still Champion

A hot dog on a stick? Why not?

Gold Coast Dogs

This char dog has all the makings of a great hot dog.


A solid representation of the form.

Max's Take Out

The toppings on this dog are thick cut and generous.

Susie's Drive-Thru

This dog is sassed up with cucumber and green pepper slices.

Huey's Hotdogs

This might be the cheapest meal in Andersonville.

Jim's Original

This hot dog will set your mouth on fire.

Chicago's Dog House

A hot dog named for our former mayor.

Zebra's Gourmet Hot Dogs

A French roll takes this dog to the next level.

Redhot Ranch

Depression dogs at Depression prices.

Publican Quality Meats

Upscale sausage offerings in the West Loop.

35th Street Red Hots

This dog is as disappointing as the White Sox this year.

Hot Doug's

Is this dog worth standing in line for?

Flub a Dub Chub's

Ask for ketchup here, and you'll get on the Wall of Shame.

Chubby Wieners

The bun can't stand up to this delicious mess.

Gene & Jude's

Not much has changed since its recent reopening, and that's a good thing.

Phil's Last Stand

This dog has a nice balance of toppings.

Old Town Social

What does Chicago's reigning sausage king have to offer?

Mustard's Last Stand

The dog is great, but the fries are incredible.

Franks 'N' Dawgs

Yes, that's an egg on a hot dog.


Kitschy gimmickry aside, this is a great dog.

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