Chicago loves chicken: best fried chicken, best wings and more

Where to find the best fried chicken, best Korean chicken wings and other chicken dishes in Chicago.



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Whether it's roast chicken, fried chicken or wings, we've got you covered for your next great chicken dinner.

Whether it's roast chicken, fried chicken or wings, we've got you covered for your next great chicken dinner. Illustrator: Blair Kelly

Chicken is often considered the most boring protein on menus, but in reality, the chicken dishes in Chicago are very, very, VERY good. Whether it's fried chicken where you'd least expect it, barbecue chicken, spicy Asian chicken wings or the perfect roast chicken, birds are often the best dishes a restaurant has to offer. So once we found out September was National Chicken Month, we decided to pull together all our favorite chicken stories in one place. It'll take you more than a month to eat through all the best chicken restaurants in Chicago, and we'll keep updating with new chicken content, so check back often to find your next great chicken dinner.

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Unexpected spots for great fried chicken

You might not expect to getfried chicken at these restaurants.

Fried chicken frenzy

When it comes to finding great fried chicken, don’t wing it. Go to one of these places.

In defense of chicken

Forget duck testicles—if you have balls, you’ll order the chicken.

Six great chicken restaurants

(Non-fried chicken, that is.)

The Publican's chicken | Recipe

Marinade. Grill. Devour. It's that simple.

Chicken wings done three ways

What local chefs are doing with chicken wings

Asian-chicken-wing smackdown!

It’s old-school versus new-school.

Fried chicken dinners

Six fried birds, served family-style. Are any of them better than the biscuits?

The 101st best item we ate in 2012

We let our readers choose their favorite dish of the year.

Barbecue chicken

Julia Kramer defends barbecue's oft-forgotten stepsister: low-and-slow–smoked chicken.

Fried chicken lunch at Big Jones in Chicago

Introducing the best new midday meal in Chicago.

Chix I have loved

Looking back at eight years of eating out for Time Out Chicago.

Chefs picks for Chicago's best fried chicken

Four of Chicago's top French chefs pick the city's best fried chicken.

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