Michelin Guide Chicago announces 2014 star winners


Alinea Photograph: Lara Kastner

It seems The Sun-Times violated an embargo and spilled the beans by announcing Michelin's 2014 star ratings early this morning, forcing Michelin to hurriedly call the chefs today and reveal the restaurants on @MichelinGuideCH. We were a little ahead of the game ourselves: Last week, we used the Michelin Guide's unintentionally hilarious Chicago Twitter feed to predict this year's star recipients. How close were we? Check out the list of star ratings below; we put a star next to the restaurants we were right about. And somehow Next got snubbed, again.

Three stars:

Alinea *

Two stars:

Grace *

Graham Elliot (We said it would go down to one, since chef Andrew Brochu departed.)

L20 (Because @MichelinGuideCH didn't mention it this year, we predicted it dropping to two.)

Sixteen *

One star:

Acadia *

Blackbird *


EL Ideas

Elizabeth *

Everest *

Goosefoot *

The Lobby at the Peninsula

Longman & Eagle *


Moto *

Naha *

North Pond

Schwa *


Sepia *

Spiaggia *

Takashi *

Topolobampo *

Tru *

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