Sports bars to cheer on your favorite NFL team

We rounded up sports bars that pledge allegiance to every NFL football team, including, of course, the Chicago Bears



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  • Sports bars to watch pro football games in the city, no matter your team affiliation.

  • 49ers fans rush to Cheesie's Pub and Grub and Grand River Bar and Grill to catch the game.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you're rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals, there's more of your breed prowling around Kelsey's.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Cheer on the Cleveland Browns at bars such as the Cubby Bear, The Field House, The Hidden Shamrock, Mickey's, Red Ivy and Vaughan's Pub.

  • Chicago NFL bars: This one's a no-brainer. In our sports-loving city, when the Chicago Bears are on, pretty much any bar with a TV is showing the game.

  • Chicago NFL bars: You can find a herd of Buffalo Bills fans at Delilah's and Lincoln Station on game nights.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Denver Broncos loyalists stampede into Riverview Tavern to show their support.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Find Tampa Bay Buccaneers games at any bar that subscribes to NFL Sunday Ticket. Many do—e.g., Gamekeepers, Joe's on Weed St and Rockit Burger Bar. It's a good idea to call ahead.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Seeing red because you can't find a place to watch the Arizona Cardinals? Head to sports bars that have NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Charge into Avenue Ale House and Dram Shop to root for the San Diego Chargers.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan, catch games at Toons.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Ally with the Indianapolis Colts? Trot into Four Shadows, Mullen's on Clark and Rockwood.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Sidle up to the bar at Brownstone or Houndstooth Saloon if you have an affinity for the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you root for the Miami Dolphins, you and folks at Trader Todd's should get along swimmingly.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Mad River Bar and Grille is where to spot fellow Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Fly over to any bar that subscribes to NFL Sunday Ticket to catch Atlanta Falcons games.

  • Chicago NFL bars: New York Giants fans walk tall on game night at Bad Dog Tavern, Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill, Red Ivy and Trinity.

  • Chicago NFL bars: NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers show Jacksonville Jaguars games.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you're a fan of the New York Jets, land at Butch McGuire's or Rebel Bar and Grill on game night.

  • Chicago NFL Bars: Hear the roar of the Lion pack at Hi-Tops, O'Malley's West and Tin Lizzie.

  • Chicago NFL bars: It's not easy being green in Chicago, but Cheeseheads pack into places such as Gold Star Bar, Kroll's South Loop, Waterhouse and Will's Northwoods Inn to cheer on the Green Bay Packers.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Stalking the Carolina Panthers? Catch them at bars that subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Show your Patriotism at New England–loving establishments such as Brendan's, The Hidden Shamrock, Kasey's Tavern and Tripoli Tap.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Ravenous Raiders fans hang out at Finley Dunne's Tavern.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you want to catch the St. Louis Rams in action, find games on at NFL Sunday Ticket bars.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Head to Fizz on game night to find a flock of Baltimore Ravens.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you ally with the Washington Redskins, you're not alone at Maeve.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Fizz, Gamekeepers and Temple Bar are your destinations for the New Orleans Saints.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you rally around Seattle, you'll find other Seahawks at Newport Bar and Grill and Scot's.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Pittsburgh fans living in Bear country steel away to Chicago establishments such as Dark Horse, Durkin's, Joe's on Weed St. and Lincoln Tap Room.

  • Chicago NFL bars: If you want to see Houston Texans lock horns with other teams, head to any bar that subscribes to NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Check out bars that show NFL Sunday Ticket games to see the Tennessee Titans play.

  • Chicago NFL bars: Redmond's Ale House is the Chicago HQ for Minnesota Vikings games.

Sports bars to watch pro football games in the city, no matter your team affiliation.

During football season, finding a sports bar to watch Bears games involves little more than walking into any bar with a TV. But maybe you're not originally from Chicago and/or your NFL football allegiances lie elsewhere. Perhaps you ally with the Packers (gasp!) or Patriots, 49ers, Lions or Titans. Where can you go to watch AFC South, AFC West, NFC South and NFC West games in Bear country? Many bars subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket—we recommend you call ahead to confirm—and there are plenty of local establishments with connections to other teams. So whether you're a Seahawk at heart or a Steeler by birth, our guide to Chicago sports bars for every team in the NFL will help you feel (at least a little) less alone.

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