Taste test: Dunkin' Donuts new Dunkin' Dogs



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Dunkin' Dogs, Dunkin Donuts' latest product, wrap cheesy sausages in dough.

Dunkin' Dogs, Dunkin Donuts' latest product, wrap cheesy sausages in dough.

It may not be National Hot Dog Month anymore, but whenever there's a new hot dog product on the market, we will be there, putting our taste buds and health on the line. So when Dunkin' Donuts released Dunkin' Dogs recently, we got an order to try.

While we were initially assuming they'd be like pigs in a blanket, the receipt called them "DnkDog/Kolaches," which makes more sense. Kolaches, a Central European dish, consist of fillings like jam, fruit or meat wrapped in sweetened dough. These were reminiscent of kolaches we've had before, just not as good. 

Here's what they tasted like:

Erin Delahanty: "They were very doughy, as if the dough wasn't cooked all the way."

Jake Malooley: "I'd eat them if I was at a funeral."

Laura Pearson: "It seems like graduation party fare."

Amy Cavanaugh: "The hot dog was pretty meaty and spicy! But the dough..."

ED: "Was there cheese in there?"

JM: "There's cheese injected into the meat."

Zach Long: "There were cheese spots."

These are $2 for 2, so if cheese-spotted hot dogs wrapped in very soft dough sounds appealing, you know where to get your next snack.

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