City or Suburbs? Make Your Case



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Illustration: Michael Mesker

Choosing whether to live in the city or the ’burbs is one of the most defining decisions a family can make, yet many of us choose based on preconceived notions and stereotypes. The suburbs have great schools, but no culture. The city has the edge on the arts and restaurants, but no green space and expensive housing. Right? Not so fast. We launched a full-scale investigation into family life in both places, unearthing evidence that might change what you think you know about “the other half.” We started by sitting down with these six families—three each from the city and suburbs—to debate their choices. Let the smackdown begin!

Not enough good spots at city high schools

True, but CPS and community leaders are working to change that—albeit slowly.

City or Suburbs?

Guess whether these lush landscapes are in the ‘burbs or inside Chicago city limits.

Top Chicago nature spots

A few surprising urban spots to hike trails and spot wildlife.

Chained and unchained

Forget what you think you know. There are good indie restaurants in the ’burbs, and good chain restaurants in the city.

Eight spots that satisfy Chicago families’ cultural cravings outside city limits.

Eight spots that satisfy Chicago families’ cultural cravings outside city limits.

City vs suburbs smackdown: real estate

You can find suburban-style amenities in the city.

Is it cheaper to shop in Chicago or the suburbs?

With the city’s sky-high sales tax, you’d think everything would be more expensive within city limits. But when we shopped for everyday grocery and household items, we found prices were literally all over the map.

Skokie and Pullman | The Great Urban-Suburban Swap

We explore Skokie, a suburb that feels like a city, and then flip the equation for Pullman, a Chicago neighborhood that feels like ’burb.

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