Halloween round-up



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The big day is just about 72 hours away, which means that you're probably out celebrating this weekend, or getting ready for a mid-week throwdown. I saw lots of kids out in costume yesterday, and based on my early research, it looks like zombies are still big this year.

• If you haven't already, check out our list of things to do today, we have five Halloween-related adventures for you to go on, including downtown's big party, Chicagoween, and the big Punkin' Prom at Lincoln Hall, thrown by our pals at Chica-go-go. Check out photos from last year's party above.
• Personally, I was up obscenely late last night, working on my son's robot costume. Not because it's elaborate, on the contrary it may be the least convincing robot costume ever. If you've been procrastinating as well, you may want to check out our list of five costume shops to pick up some gear, and our suggestions for where to pick up Halloween decorations.
• If you're hanging in today, gearing up for the big day on Wednesday, check out our list of 13 spooky movies your kids will love.

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