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Illustration: Ian Dingman

Monday, April 1

"Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence." 
The Field Museum, 1400 S Lake Shore Dr (312-922-9410, 9am-5pm.
It's hard to believe the neon green, pink, yellow, orange and blue colors that dominate this exhibition occur naturally in nature—but they do. The kid-friendly displays feature oversized models of cool light-emitting organisms, from mushrooms to the flashlight fish, all set within a series of re-created environments. Along the way, kids can learn how the organisms' glowing qualities help them attract mates, lure prey or fend off predators. A few live creatures will be on display, as well, including dinoflagellates from Puerto Rico's Mosquito Bay, live glowing scorpions and a live flashlight fish, which harbors bioluminescent bacteria under its eyes to communicate, catch food and fend off foes.

That's Weird, Grandma
Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N Ashland Ave (312-409-1954, 8pm; $10, kids under 12 $5.
Want to look cool to your favorite pipsqueak (and adult friends too)? Introduce them to Barrel of Monkeys’ joyously long-running public show. The troupe conducts writing workshops with CPS grade-school students by day, then transforms the kids’ stories into hilarious or heartfelt skits and songs, performed with abandon by a spirited ensemble.


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