4 killer ice-cream sandwiches



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Photograph: Anna Knott

(1) Salted caramel ice cream and Valrhona chocolate-chip cookies and rotating seasonal offerings such as this (2) rhubarb–crème fraîche sherbet with vanilla sable cookies. A serious cocktail bar is just about the last place you’d look for an ice-cream sandwich. But Violet Hour chef Casey Sullivan’s food—mini hot dogs, herbed tater tots—is totally unpretentious, so it makes sense that the bar would offer classic and seasonal sandwiches (replacing the rhubarb version is the sour cherry-goat cheese ice-cream sandwich) created by local artisan Nancy Silver (also known as Snookelfritz). $5. 1520 N Damen Ave (773-252-1500).* [As of 2011, the Violet Hour is no longer doing ice cream sandwiches in house.]

(3) Peach gelato and chocolate-chip cookie sandwich. At Jessica Oloroso’s always-packed Ukrainian Village storefront, Black Dog Gelato, scoopers will sandwich any flavor—including goat-cheese-cashew-caramel or salted-peanut—on housemade chocolate chip or oatmeal-raisin cookies. $3.75. 859 N Damen Ave (773-235-3116).

(4) The ’70s Threeway. Joyce DeWitt (hazelnut) gelato between a Karen Black (chocolate-coconut) cookie and a Mackenzie Phillips (oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chips, coconut, banana crisps, caramel, potato chips and Cheerios) cookie with sliced fresh bananas and a smear of Nutella: Retro-themed Cookie Bar takes ice-cream sandwiches to the next level. $5. 2475 N Lincoln Ave (773-348-0300).

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