Chicago Halloween: Best costumes for individuals

Whether you want to twerk like Miley or make meth like Walter White, there's a costume that's right for you this Halloween.



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  • Miley Cyrus shirt, $20, and foam finger, $13, at Chicago Costume

    Expect to see a lot of this. And a lot of twerking.

  • Game of Thrones, $60, at Chicago Costume

    You could drink the new Ommegang Game of Thrones beer all night long.

  • Christmas Tree with Shoe Boxes Costume, $62, at Target

    There's nothing that isn't funny about this costume. But come on, can you imagine trying to walk to the bus in those present shoes?

  • Aloha Gorilla Costume, $54, at Fantasy Costumes

    Tiki is big this year, as evidenced by the newly-opened Three Dots and a Dash. So big that even the gorillas are getting in on the action.

  • Beetlejuice, $55, at Chicago Costume

    This could obviously be a couple's costume if you added Miley Cyrus to the mix.

  • Fraggle Rock Wembly Costume, $131, at Halloween Hallway

    Because Fraggle Rock will always be cool.

  • Hot Dog Costume, $69, at Chicago Costume

    In case you hadn't noticed, we are pretty obsessed with hot dogs here at TOC. What better way to pay homage than with a Halloween costume?

  • Duck Dynasty, $98, at Chicago Costume

    Maybe leave the fake gun at home.

  • Squirrel Costume, $55, at Target

    At least you'll be warm in the event that it snows.

  • Breaking Bad, $60, at Chicago Costume

    Expect a lot of meth jokes this Halloween as well.

  • Charlie Brown Costume, $65, at Chicago Costume

    In reality you could pair this with the aforementioned tree costume and go as A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  • Dr Who Adult Mens Costume, $60, at Spirit Halloween

    Bonus points if you can get a friend to dress up as the TARDIS.

  • Panda Costume, $90, at Target

    Again, at least you'll be warm.

  • American Horror story Sister Jude Costume, $50, at Spirit Halloween

    This costume is terrifying.

  • Raptor Pet Costume, $19-$27, at Target

    Nothing, I mean nothing, is funnier than animals dressed as other animals.

Miley Cyrus shirt, $20, and foam finger, $13, at Chicago Costume

Expect to see a lot of this. And a lot of twerking.

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This Halloween will certainly be the year of Miley Cyrus. And even though we advise against dressing as the outrageous pop star, we did track down a costume from her infamous VMA performance. We found other timely costumes, plus a few out of date gems we just couldn't resist. Click through the slideshow above for Halloween costume ideas.

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