Heard on the Street: We eavesdrop on the crazy shit Chicagoans say

We eavesdrop on Chicagoans on the street and the El, in bars and buses, and everywhere in between to bring you funny and baffling quips



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Eavesdrop for us, won't you?

Eavesdrop for us, won't you?

Pry the earbuds from your auditory canal for long enough and you’d be surprised what you can hear on Chicago’s streets. Time Out Chicago staff members have been collecting quotes for years, eavesdropping on the outrageous, raunchy, politically incorrect words that come from the mouths of Chicagoans. People don’t spew trash talk alone; many Heard on the Street entries also concisely (albeit crudely) capture a sliver of the zeitgeist (e.g., “Twitter is recession cocaine”). So watch what you say; we’re listening.

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