Valentine's Day ideas, from romantic restaurants to cute gifts

Take the pressure off with our Valentine's Day ideas, including romantic restaurants and Valentine's Day gifts for the lovers—and the haters



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Take heart, we have tons of Valentine's Day ideas to make your sig o swoon.

Take heart, we have tons of Valentine's Day ideas to make your sig o swoon.

Is there a holiday more stressful than Valentine's Day? Even if you've only been dating for two weeks, the pressure is on to come up with things to do that are sweet, but not too cloying. Romantic, but not too over-the-top. Our Valentine's Day ideas can help alleviate the pressure: We've found the best romantic restaurants in Chicago, and we promise none of them will feature cupid-laden decor. When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, we have you covered with presents that go way beyond chocolate and flowers. And if you're feeling the pressure for another reason (namely, you're single, and you loathe this holiday), we have a special gift for you: the best bars for the unattached.

The 'oh, shit' guide to last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day is Friday and you haven't bought your sweetheart a gift yet? Consider your ass saved.

Valentine’s Day ideas for her

Any gal will swoon for these gifts under $100

Valentine’s Day ideas for him

Sweet gifts for less than $100 that won’t make him cringe

Valentines for Chicago food lovers

Printable valentines featuring Rick Bayless, Paul Kahan, and other Chicago chefs and bartenders

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Valentine's Day parties and concerts

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Restaurants that serve heart for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day dinner specials

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10 best bars for singles

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10 most romantic restaurants

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Upgrade your Valentine’s Day gifts

Chocolate and flowers are okay—as long as they’re really awesome.

Anti–Valentine’s Day gifts

These jewelry, candles and more all sum up the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment.

Offbeat Chicago Valentine’s Day gifts

Chocolates? Roses? Those trite Valentine’s Day gifts are for unimaginative lovers.

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