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"okay. yes, I am totally obsessed with Tim Burton and truly lookng forward to Sweeney Todd (as well as Believe it or Not...a film starring Jim carrey about the life of Robert Ripley, and of course directed by Tim. The production agency recently canceled it, but I can wait a few more years XD), but I can't really picture it being a musical. To Johnny's credit, he has a pretty nice voice. It does piss me off, however that Tim keeps including Helena in his movies. Depp is amazing and his acting style fits Tim's movies perfectley. When doing casting, Tim actually didn't want Helena to be in Sweeney Todd, but she kind of forced him to let her be in it. I really really think they should break up cuz she's controlling his life... srry to banter on and on a bit! (I'm a preteen...its wat we do!) I'm just really excited for Sweeney, and I think it's gonna be great...and definetly better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which...even though it made alot of cash was pretty sucky)!"

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