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"Find anyother actor!!!!? WHAT !? WHAT!? THIS ISNT F_ing james bond. This is a series about one man, one actor. Harrison ford is indiana jones and this is the final film. No harrison no FREAKIN film ....We seen young indiana jones in last crusade, we've seen adult indiana jones in rotla and in Lc we saw over the hill jones....Besides he is in great shape and has enough endurance to have been the real indiana jones. He is the most realistic indiana jones possible , he is indiana jones. No man can escape from times grip, he is simply an older indiana jones. Replacing him is sinfull how dare you call yourself a fan. This isnt about affoarding a replacement actor. Of course they could affoard one!!! There is only on indiana jones and the films about harrison ford being indiana jones. Its painfully obvious that speilberg and george feel the same way because quote on quote they have said that indiana jones will be played by harrison ford and that the script meets those needs....the needs of indiana jones harrsion ford, who could never never NEVER be replaced. I cant believe that anyone would even suggest such horrid dripple."

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