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"Well. I may (or may not) be among the few who totally disagree with the extraordinarily generous reviews this 'film' received, but to me it is only a huge pile of crap disguised as art. Why? Because I do not consider some fast paced fighting scenes so often seen in average MTV-clips as an achievement in direction. Because I do not consider truly ridiculous and laughable scenes such as live tongue-cutting or teeth-removal, added here for supposed 'shock-value', as impressive, like so many people (and apparently also the critics at Cannes) did. This is only a gigantic display of bad taste that is boring and nothing else. And, most of all, I do not forgive Mr Park Chae-Woo his immense pretentiousness. Did he try to show us a re-interpreted greek tragedy or Monte-Christo revisited? If this is the case, it is a total failure,especially once we know what all this on-screen hysteria was about. To sum up, this is only a huge 'screen of smoke' generated to prevent the viewer from seeing the garbage that lies beneath. Unfortunately, it worked well, too well for many, hopefully not for everyone. It seems that as in politics, the bigger a lie is, the easier it can be swallowed."

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