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"Brokeback Mountain' is a film that left me with a very sour taste in my mouth.I have to admit that I was at first moved by it, probably influenced by the hype surrounding it. However... I would like to add a discordant voice here and point out something (at least it seems to me) few people paid attention to: I am convinced, after having thought about it a long time, that its great success and high rating is due to its tragic ending, an ending that adds a 'virtuous' note to the film. The question is: if Ang Lee had slightly 'deviated' from Anne Proulx's short story and put a less tragic ending, would the film have been so highly praised? The answer is, I am sure: NO, because the 'sacrifice' of one of the gay characters is what a great part of the audience unconsciously demanded, in order to make the subject matter more acceptable.And this is what fills me with some kind of nausea, and makes me think that this film is not as 'gay-friendly' as it seems. Moreover, if we compare 'Brokeback Mountain' to the (in my opinion) far superior 'Mysterious Skin' (whose director was , by the way, nominated for best director alongside Ang Lee at the Independent Spirit Awards) things become very clear: despite its much harder subject, the latter does NOT end tragically, which would be considered a 'major sin' by many viewers, and this is why some courageous films do not stand a single chance against the disguised homophobic weepie I just reviewed."

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