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"There were many films this year that I am glad I saw, both serious, thought-provoking films and light entertainments. Thus, in no particular order: 1. Paradise Now - tackling the most difficult issue of our time, Palestine/Israel, without rancour or polemic. 2. Death of Mr Lazarescu - a bleak but engaging story. 3. Hidden - compelling thriller with dark undertow. 4. Syriana - a violent story of global politics and oil. 5. Thank You And Goodnight - one episode in the struggle between truth and power. 6. The Queen - a thoughtful exposition of the strengths and weaknesses of monarchy. 7. A Scanner Darkly - vivid telling of PK Dick story about addiction and surveillance. 8. Casino Royale - thrills, danger, spills. With energy and wit. 9. Little Miss Sunshine - sharp, tangy comedy with a strong dose of realism. 10. The Squid and the Whale - bitter, but funny story of pretentious parents and family break-up. Turkeys: The Departed - corny and crude. Ken Loach's Wind - biased and bombastic."

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