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"I ride a recumbent trike in London a lot, I see all sorts of things and can give the following comments. Cyclists should stop at red lights, most do but some fools don't, the rest of us get a bad name from them. Pedestrians are all blind, especially in Docklands and Canary Wharf, they will happily step out in front of a cyclist after first making eye contact, they object to suffering physical contact due to their stupidity. Cyclists should note hackney licence numbers of any cabs that cut them up, it's actually quite rare, I get a lot of respect from black cabs in general. Police cars will knock you off your bike, the drivers are blind. Bus drivers are blind and below average intelligence, make allowances, buses can squish cyclists and not notice. Don't cycle on pavements and abuse pedestrians, cyclists that do this should be clubbed to death, if I am walking and this happens to me I always make the cyclists get off. Use lights at night, there is no excuse. Some cycle lanes are good, most are not, ride the road when the lanes are naff. Ride a recumbent, it's more comfortable, I think most of the problem cyclists are just miserable because of the extreme pain of having an axe head to sit on."

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