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"Dick filtered rather than filletted and all the better for it.The illusion of rotoscoping layed over the delusional paranoid perceptions of it's main characters. Dick finally gets the treatment he deserves. A highly manufactured artefact: after filming it took 18 months to animate. The excellent acting shines through the well drawn craftsmanship.The surveillance society with the lubrication of paranoia fuelled the machine of Nixon's America, which Dick(whose home had been broken into and papers taken)was the subject of, often high on amphetamines. The loss of civil liberties can be updated to our own times to protect us from terrorism. Truth becomes relative and multiperspectival. We see the collapse of identity and brain cells under the onslaught of substance D. This layered tapestry depicts the tragi-comedy of drug-fuelled psychosis, set subtly in the future. As with Carlos Casteneda's story it teaches us to hold firmly onto our objectivism less hands mouth teeth eyes mind go up in smoke. Do the scanners see into our hearts or into our heads Keanu Reaves' character asks. The unity of embodied intelligence is seen through a glass darkly and fractures into a million trips. Science fiction turned inwards was far more what Dick was about(forget Blade Runner, Total Recall & Minority Report). This film has far more in common with Gilliam's Fear & Loathing and Naked Lunch. See it on the big screen for the best effect. They've made films out of graphic comics and novels. Now a sci-fi novel has been transformed into a graphic animation. Welcome to the future. Of course if you've read the book you will also realize that the Newpath project which manufactures and distributes the all-pervasive Substance-D are trying to destroy people's identities so they can manipulate the whole population. The film brings out how the police are not aware of the higher up honchos intentions, hence the use of the scramble suit to deceive one level of authority by another. At the end the sobered up Reeves' character is sublininally aware when he sees the blue flowers of substance D spread out in the rows of corn that what is truly happening is far beyond what anyone could ever believe. He saves a blue flower in his boot to show his friends."

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