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"I can't believe the posts above. This is one of the best films I have seen in a while. The film is about the characters involved in the story, and deals with, but doesn't dwell too much on the situation in Afghanistan with the Soviets. The images of the war are poignant but not too over the top, and the story of how a few dedicated people effected the lives of so many is an inspiring one. The acting is first class, the characters portrayed are superb, and if Charlie Wilson swore in real life, how can you expect a serious film maker to dumb this down? You will not find a better made film of this type, it's very funny too. Martin, you should take your daughter and wife to see this film and let them make up their own minds instead of vetting the film for them and you might spark a lively debate. Jean it is either the worst film you've ever seen, or the worst film you've seen in years it can't be both. If you're still unsure, trust me, watch this film, and post your comment.."

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