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"Having read the novels and been around when Dr.No first came out I'm a couple of generations away from today's Mr Bond, so please read my comment in that light. James Bond as portrayed by Sean Connery and later Roger Moore, were truer to Bond of Ian Fleming's novels. They were suave, cultured, a little amoral, and everything the modern James Bond is not. Daniel Craig is a 'chav' version, a bit of a thug with a pseudo hard-man expression, and a mobile phone stuck to his ear. Only a chav James Bond would play Texas Hold'em; chemin de fer a bit too complicated for this knuckle head. The frantic editing and ridiculous plot quite in keeping with the trash action films churned out these days. I saw it a week ago, and if I could remember anything worthwhile that lingered in my mind about this film I would say so. Not even worth one star in my book. Sorry."

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