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"The film was good up to the point when the piano get's thrown.If any body didn't see the horrible twist coming , he is clueless.I find that the simple fact of seeing superman fly will keep this movie from doing bad financially, but it does not do superman justice. The major problem is the child. This might not seem as something so bad , but this child kills the supeman character. It demystifies superman. I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy parts of the film, becacuse that would be a lie. In addition ,Aside from the child, the film seemed not to have a climax and rather it builds very little to the "grand" scheme with the kryptonite , sure you feel for him when he is getting beat up , but it did nothing for me. The Lex/Super relationship had no chemistry and even though Spacey did a good job the script did not allow for a rivalry to standout, or even make superman seem vulnerable and lex dangerous. Adding on the kryptonite scene when lex explains he has "alien technology" to defend himself from invading nation does not come through in any manner. How was he planning to control a new continent with just five thugs?another issue was that clark was left in the shadows, sure it's not called clark kent returns , but give me a break it's his alternate identity and the writers seemed to forget him entirly , besides him seeing llamas what else, character wise,gets developed? the following is a more technical comic wise nitpicking. It appeared that the kryptonite did not affect superman in ways past films and even comics did ,in my part,this shows poor continuity and no concern for the character of superman. in conclusion I don't consider Superman a complete failure ,but rather a devastating disappointment."

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