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"People are WAY too anal about this movie. This Superman movie was AWESOME! The plot, the action, the special effects. I mean if people want to see nothing but action with no story then they obviously lack the brain power to understand a great movie with depth to it. Superman was gone b/c he had to see for himself if the astrologists truly found Krypton. Yeah it was blown up, but think about it. Kal-El was told this, and didn't know for a fact b/c he was sent off before he even knew what was going on. I would want to know for myself as well. Brandon did a GREAT job playing this role. I did see a little bit of Christopher Reeve in his gestures and speech at times. I myself almost got choked up when he was getting jumped. Kevin Spacey brought a NEW meaning to an evil Lex here. Superman's kid...Honestly I loved that idea. Sure alot of people are used to the same old boring story. But keep an open mind to some originality. The direction they went with this film was great for change. It adds more depth, story, content to it. The kid just needs a haircut BADLY. All in all, I give this film a 9.5 out of 10. Those who didnt grow up watching the Christopher Reeve Superman movies seem not to like this one as much. B/c of that I believe they will never truly understand."

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