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"A good old down and dirty beaten up dystopian film set in an England of the near future using chiefly British actors and a great foreign director, Cuaron, who makes what is already familiar in the landscape extraordinary. He has scratched at the surface trends of today’s political landscape Ably abetted by a PD James thriller. It’s a road movie which turns into a chase. The directorial technique is superlative: long tracking shots, action pieces done in one take and with a minimum of fuss and technology. This is a Britain we know. Buildings broken down and derelict, graffiti everywhere ,the military clamp-down on rebels and immigrants. He draws you right in to scenes shot in the car with a camera going round each face. Looking out through the car windows real scenes open up around in the countryside. There follows a marvellous escape in the car from the hideout, An amazing fight-out sequence in the War Zone at Bexhill. The acting, Clive Owen and Michael Caine, is excellent. Owen is the civil servant who protects And hides the pregnant women while she has her baby and helps her escape the government agents.No British director could have made this."

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