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"Gere was inspired casting as he's played a showman for years,a narcissist, a gigolo. With maturity,grey hairs and false nose he is away.He successfully pulls off the con artist act,the spiel,the humour,the angst,the aplomb.He is ably abetted by Molina as his researcher for the 'book of the century',Howard Hughes autobiography,pulled off to con the publishers, McGraw-Hill and Time into paying him a million dollars as an advance to continue and finish it off.This is by a writer not of the 1st rank who has written a biography of a forger and 5 novels,but without enough sales and success to partake of the American Dream.Envious of younger writers,the Roths,the Mailers,he hatches his plan with Suskind,a children's writer.He is called to account to offer proof and though able at first to lie and cheat,finds things spiral out of control,when his wife is involved as well to cash cheques in Switzerland and Hughes himself declares he has never met this man on broadcast tv to clear himself of his own massive debt of $137 million with Nixon.All the while Irving is two-timing his wife with Nina von Pallenburg,singer and actress and is having increasing paranoid delusions about Hughes' henchmen pursuing him.Molina is excellent too as a sweaty and increasingly anxious stable mate in crime."

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