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"Several things on my list to say...I can never remember them all after reading all your comments: Firstly, I want to give kudos to Superman Returns. Although it wasn't outstanding, it was pretty damn good. I'm not just a Superman fan either...I'm full fledged geek when it comes to superheros and film...put the two together and I'm uber-dork. So, me being pleased with SR is a big leap in the right direction, and I'm happy with the overall movie. I think it stands against the originals with pride. I thought it was brilliant to use the original graphics, style, music, and Brando. Pure genius. We all know the reasons they were used...let's get over that. Were they effective? You bet. Brandon Routh--what can I say, this was an absolute perfect choice for The Man of Steel and Kent. I totally agree with your comment on him Mr. Wells--he's a good actor, but more importantly, he's a beautiful man. He looks absolutely perfect. We all loved Reeve's Superman of course, and of course, they wanted to find a no-name that looked like Reeve's. Not only does he look perfect, but also his mannerisms are fine-tuned to match the original performance by Reeve. Bosworth? Margot is a much better choice. I think they opted for beauty as opposed to quirky (which I think Margot was). Bosworth is a good actor, don't get me wrong. But she just isn't...Lois. Spacey? Something deep inside makes me like Hackman's Lex over Spacey's. I don't know why. I think they are both fantastic actors (Spacey may be even a tad better), but Hackman seems even more likely to fit the Lex character through and through. Good movie. Nuff Said on that. Now onto other things: Donald Batilan and others" Can you be serious? You want your money back? You would fire the director? you realize how incredibly ignorant you are? You "think" you're being clever or witty...but what you are is pure negative stupidity. You're a bovine reactionary...I'm very sorry for being this harsh, I just can't stand when other human beings make me feel bad about being a human being. Evolve people! Thanks. ~Michael Reed"

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