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"Some mildly amusing anecdotes about differences between the cultures.Woody Allen as Elliot Gould(Goldberg).Delphy suggests the queasy neuroticism of the Americans,their fear of germs,means they cannot face the facts like the raffish,bohemian,scruffy French who love their food eg braised rabbit's heads,baby pigs.They also live healthily in germ-laden environments.That Delphy was able to send herself up and satirise the Americans,she has her own parents play her parents as ex-hippies.She is bilingual and has many panting ex-boyfriends,he is anal and repressed about sex.There were some funny bits,she also wrote,directed and acted in the film but I felt this was very wearying,it's all been done before,it was superficial,clever but ultimately pointless,perhaps like Delphy's life?Perhaps she will do more serious stuff?"

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