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"no movie for sane men this would be the most appropriate title for a pointless and absurd adaptation of mcormacks book,who is one of the better american prose stylists,while the coens have a style of their own,as in BARTON FINK AND BLOOD SIMPLE AND MORE PALPABLY IN FARGO- but cinema is more then style, it needs and breathes on a plausible script, here a drug /dough deal goes wrong with a terrible massacre involving man and dogs and all we see is a frustrated old typecast jones as sheriff -bell investigating multiple massacres,where was FBI or do they not get involved with mexican criminals , you also have a gun battle in a texan town in the heat of night with cars crashing galore without another soul in sight as if texas is a ghost state,while half the state is butchered by a stone faced bardem as a mysterious hitman with a hairstyle that will make him cospicuous from new york to alaska -no one is able to keep tabs or even trace him . you wonder why kelly macdonald a scotswoman is playing a texan with an exaggerated an accent as can be ,but the most hilarious aspect is how bardem gets into every nook and corner unannounced and walks out after discharging his lethal weapon, a gas cylinder-a novel terrorist weapon to kill for,he kills and uses it to unlock doors as well dually as an automatic weapon and a door opener too -saving some cash for coen brothers and the producers,this is the most ingenious creation in this most generic violent thriller which doesnt even come close to unforgiven or seven in its violent and wanton meningless execution , earlier he also smothers a texan ranger in the first reel and his wrists are macerated but you dont see any sign of the wounds hence forth, yet again he is able to self treat after an almost fatal thigh wound which can exsanguinate mortal men but this one is INVINCIBLE, his main protagonist is brolin who for no valid reason returns to the massacre site hours after he left a dying man without water ,by the time an injured brolin ends up in mexico on foot and is woken from his footpath slumber in the most hilarious scene of the year by a group of mexican serenaders ,you will be in splits ,he then uses his NAM reference to cross back into u.s.a ,no wonder we have such a big problem with illegal immigrants,throw some references about your army experience and the u.s border is open ,take notes al-qaeda operators and mr bardem would be ideal as an ALQAEDA HENCHMAN as he even looks like one, but no one except an old frustrated sheriff running around texas like a mad dog can sniff him and the icing on the cake is tess harper as mr,jones love interest, who plays it straight with a bemused smile on her face,well she was lucky because most people around me were dozing off or walking out. the narrative then goes haywire as brolin ends up in a texan motel and is solicited by a blonde ,his status henceforth is diificult to establish ,since even coens cannot explain what happens there and cut the story short.i wish they had done that earlier because they did not have a script anyway. this is .a classic example of how a bad script can never make a good movie despite technical wizardry,after all the butchered mexicans and dogs-3 till last count,lets say TEXAS IS NOT FOR MEXICANS AND DOGS BUT ONLY MEANT FOR MAD MEN ,what a country as i remember it to be quite different from what i saw on screen,thank god,next time coens need to research their medical and mexican subjects more carefully . well the only reason to see this movie is a languidly tense atmosphere which rings false and is enhanced by sound ,light and crisp editing like the sequence where bardem shoots at a bird sitting over the bridge rail from his truck ,i wish someone had shot this turkey down too -but then even bardem missed the bird in the movie itself ,enough is enough - jbz7879"

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