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"Utterly banal, utterly pointless and totally and utterly shite. I have never hated a film so much in my life - although it's as much a hatred of the cult of Tarantino and the fawning fanboys and critics who happily accept and defend even garbage like this and give it far more kudos than it ever deserves. And who mentioned "girl power"? Pur-lease! This film is the latest dry-wank to be spat out onto celluloid by a screaming misogynist. Tarantino's idea of a 'strong female character' is a woman who knows how to say fuck 30 different ways (usually in the same sentence), can throw a punch, shoot a gun, talk about cars, films or car-films and treat other women just as shittily as the men can. The fact that they beat the living crap out of the guy in the end does not make it OK."

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