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"Greets to Eugenie in the NL! Some London councils DO offer FREE cycling lessons aimed all levels of cyclist. Check your local council website, and then go and learn how to play with the multi-lane interchanges! Having last lived in London pre-congestion charge, it was really useful to take up the offer on moving back, as a kind of inner-city cycling refresher course. Eugenie has one great advantage in the NL as a cyclist - right of way over cars and trucks. A great discovery as a Brit! And with all those segregated cycle paths, no wonder my colleagues there were so chilled. My London commute has different pleasures I guess (namely adrenalin!) But she is right about the value of the police booking cyclists too: you don't forget your lights often if it's going to cost you 40 Euros each time! That said, having recently being pulled up by a PCSO, for pushing my bike onto the road outside Vict Station, and then getting on to it, the signage needs to be a lot clearer! Apparently this quiet corner of tarmac, with good visibility, controlled by traffic lights, constituted part of the bus station, not the road (??!!!), and was therefore private! Red lights, are however stop lights, world wide."

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