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"an exhilirating movie musical as can be -this is as good a modern adaptation of a stage play as the come -.depp is good but helena is superb and tim burton keeps the music low key so the acting can shine through ,the dark macabre mood of the victorian streets which witness this riotous romp ,the beach frolics are dazzling with depp in the striped swimsuit and the pier was a delight to behold in the celestial english summer light ,the pies baked out of the barbers victims are just as delicious, though i dont have any appetite for the judge turpin, yet i will definitely go for seconds to this great darkly gory meat pie shop, its enough to turn a canine into a vegetarian ,dare if you enter but the dark makeup and the looming shadows beckon anyone who loves cinema ,well done mr burton and how about converting some more west end shows primarily joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat and lady in white, this is a worthy successor to CHICAGO as can be-of a stage musical to cinema . helena finally is given enough meat to literally sing and sink her sharp acting fangs into and she shines like a gem,the story becomes more then a revenge caper as the greed of the barbers lust for blood starts exceeding logic, and reason is abandoned for a blood orgy .the impact of negativity on human psyche is borne out from self -meted justice gone wrong and it is an observation with a conclusion too. . it is a brilliant documentary on the idea of wrong ,punishment and justice and it does full justice to all its themes ,the violence can be seen as satire and it is definitely not titillting ,neither terrorising as the barber butchers his daft clients to send them straight into a cannibalistic meat pie machine . the episode with the italian magician that sparks the whole blood orgy is an absolute stroke of genius as is the grand chiding finale . but what makes this a masterpiece is the brooding victorian degeneracy ,the london that rants in evil ,with darkshadows and luminous posh interiors ,nobility rotten to the core devoid of any morality ,and love flourishing in the midst of filth, the sewers running with human gore and yet the flowers decorating the nursery of a cherub ,it is a tribute to paternal love as much as an admonishing for the evil and wicked , tim burton has exceeded himself and makes his previous efforts like corpse bride look shallow,this is a dark,mellow yet mature masterwork ,with baroque overtones which almost composes every sequence as a handpainted work of art and renders itself a true masterwork in the ultimate count . johnny depp ,helena and burton nedd a round of standing applause . jbz7879"

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