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"A DELICIOUS PIE I was due for an extremely pleasant surprise in the form of this small indie movie which tells the delicious tale of three waitresses working in a SMALL diner. The lead keri russel is a truly accomplished actress who is trapped in a loveless marriage and ends up getting pregnant ,this sets the stage for a great farce on modern day relationships and the validity of marriage as a tradition in todays world.Mr micheal roiff tells the story in a really subtle but charmingly naive movie ,which delivers its message just as efficiently as jenna [keri russel] bakes her pies while being abused by her uncouth husband continuously . this is a marital farce enen moliere would have been proud of as jenna embarks on a clandestine affair with her obstetrician played in a very stoically charming manner by nathan fillion ,as every character deceives their respective partners ,the makers deliver a hugely satisfying and brillianty scripted flick which will bring a smile to the faces of the most miserablly sceptical critics ,but in the end its a personal triumph for the screen writer who throws some of the best lines written in recent times through the wonderfully charismatic presence of keri russel. I hope and pray we get served more often by waitresses like these as they will surely make the world a more meaningful place as well as more entertaining .- jbz7879"

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