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"With an evident lack of knowledge of Persian art or culture, world politics, and even graphic design for that matter, Timeout reviewer Dave Calhoun tries his best to appreciate Satrapi's point of view by commenting on the obvious stuff that the audience can figure out themselves, such as the use of monochromatic palletes in the film (yawn), and the "bitchy, conspiratorial put-downs" of the Satrapi's grandmother, courtesy of Gena Rowlands' one liners. Thank heavens for Web 2.0 and citizen journalism. I understand Calhoun is not from a Persian background, but for journalism's sake, at least have the decency to read a bit about history and do some research before falling back on the tired old technique of sarcasm and flippancy to make up for the lack of wisdom and knowledge. And they wonder why the new media is killing paid journalism?"

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