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"I understand that the stuff of these 'serials' is the reading and movies of their makers when they were boys. Cut out the dark parts of the movie and you have a fun ride into adolescent male fantasy. Nobody needs to see children being whipped, or the whole dark violent 'voodoo' scenarios. These aspects of the movie did not fit with the whole, and were quite disturbing. As always it was enjoyable to see Harrison Ford as Indie. One of his most unique abilities as an actor is to show fear and distress in the face of impending death. The charm of seeing him too tired and exhausted to use the 'whip' and resort to the 'gun' in the original movie is priceless. Maybe he looks so worn out because he has done so many of his own stunts, but I love it nonetheless. The boy companion was mostly irritating, and I sorely missed Karen Allen. If it were possible to edit out the nasty parts of this movie I'd give it 4 stars. but as is can only give it 2."

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