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"As a Dutch guy I'm reading all this with big eyes. Cyclists and fascism have nothing to do with each other. The bike is a means of transportation, just like the car and your own legs. The problem in England and the USA is that there has never been a policy to create good infrastructure for cyclists. As a result of that cyclists have to ride on the roads in between cars and yes, that encourages cyclists sometimes to cycle on the pavement. Can anyone blame them? Indeed, dismounting the bike is not beneficial to anyone. All a cyclist needs to do is to adapt his/her speed which doesn't mean that they may not go faster as the pedestrians as long as it's safe. Walking next to the bike requires much more space then riding slowly on the bike so stop nagging about cyclists who don't dismount their bike! It's in your advantage that they don't. Cyclist who ride fast usually also have good reflexes (the're young and healthy) so have some fate in them. For some is cycling a sport, for many more it's just a way to transport yourself. It doesn't give any pollution and it works great for short distances (let's say 10-20 km.). Everyone who chooses to go by bike to his work doesn't need the car. Again, this is only a great advantage for everyone else. Though I agree with DMH I have to say that cycling paths are not that good in Belgium compared to the Netherlands, I'm sorry to say it. They are a lot better than in most European countries. In the Netherlands they are the best of the world, beyond any doubt."

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