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"There is an element of truth in what has been said by comment1, but it has been put too bluntly, is over-political and is possibly not what people want to read. Just be aware of some of the pitfalls of the area - if you are to personally live there and the investment benefits if you are not. The regeneration of Elephant & Castle may well be a starting point to improving Walworth. Moving people about is obviously not possible(or ideal) and regeneration is ideal and I strongly hope that this area does have some life pumped back into it, so that there is proportionally a better calibre of people living there, and that those who need a kick up the backside are finally motivated to get out of the poverty that they are in. Having been extremely poor myself I know that people either work twice as hard to get out of their poverty, or don't and create misery for others. The comments by comment 1, are a non-pc version of the reality that does exist. She is clearly venting her frustration at those specific poor people who made her living experience in this location not so pleasant and being frank about the living realities of the area, rather than just the investment potential that has been cited on the website. If your website does not wish to hear from people who have actually lived in the locations you are promoting or hear anything negative about these locations then it should not include a comments box or it should vet them before posting them on its website, or better still make it clear to readers that you do not wish people to email personal content/stories."

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