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"A CELEBRATIOT OF HUMAN SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL -he lush greens of the french rural landscape are poised with the bonfires of the survivors who have escaped an apocalaypse which might represent our pointless existence and still it brings optimism to the human dregs gathered in a train station awaiting supplies and administering a rough order in the manner of the true law of the jungle. The initial murder of an innocent man that is never brought to justice as a word of mouth accusation is just as critical of the present mass murders prevalent globally . The dependants are still shown as compassionate and caring who are humane as the widow[Huppert]who is protecting the son and daughter in a arhetype matriarchal role. The daughter is writing letters to her murdered father and seeking an ally in a forlorn boy who is a loner and the rebel who lives as an outcast as a self defense shunning the rest of this community . The rulers are the gunmen as anyone who has a weapon is right whether moral or unjust ,as they wield the law in it's exigent frail disastrous social failure by being the custodians . The young son is a soul who is tortured and will want to offer himself as a pagan sacrifice to bring world back to order. The cinema is shot outdoors in fascinating forest land with trees almost coming to life and becoming characters as is nature itself shown in it's most potent self. The only music is Beethovens sonata played in one sequence and it becomes a sign with the rest of the movie filled with crackling fires and horses neighing with the sounds of the forest . The food and water are scarce ,yet it rains in a bleak moment and this is a reprisal as are the livestock which sustain the remnants . The awaited train which runs in the finale is the solitary hope in a metaphor for our troubled human civilization ,albeit haneke discusses racial ,religious and political mythology in the context of a polack family amongst the survivors who are blamed as a scapegoat ,but the fact there is a rough order that evolves in the mayhem and a desperate compassion which is demonstrated by the majority of the protagonists witness the revival of human spirit. The character of the child benny[THE SON ]is fascinating as he is representing the symbol of self-sacrifice that will redeem humanity of it's sins and his unnecessary but resilient defiance is a symbol of humanity in all it's glory. The fact haneke does not draw into discussing the root cause of this biological disaster is genius as it is the consequences and the human behaviour elicited by the event that is crucial ,and the finale absolves humanity and haneke himself of his critics who accuse him of pessimistic delusions . The movie is altruistic rather than nihilistic and it evolves from it's dark epilogue to the surreal finale in a fascinating mixture of subplots and characters ,here nature is the main player in control of humanity ,whether we are talking of a biological war or global warming is insignificant ,the philosophy here is how might the survivors prepare to survive that event whether this represents our present milieu itself ,which makes it a greater truth and satire on the current political situation itself . The movie is a warning to the smug reality of the current urban western culture as to how fragile it is in it's complex but unjust framework .This is an observation ,it is neither sentimental nor a sermon as it does not judge but simply see the natural progression of events as they unfold with each character performing in accords to their conscience ,and leaves the audience to infer the conclusion. Great work from a genius . USMAN KHAWAJA"

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