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"Think that review is highly unfair - saw it last night and found it incredibly powerful, perhaps more so because there was no voice over commentary speculating on what happened. At Altamont you are treated to raw footage of the lead up to the change of venue, the arrival of the festival heads, what was going on in the crowd and finally the Stones' performance instead, filmed onstage with a clear view of the stabbing actually as it happensed. Made my blood run cold. If Altamont was the day the hippie dream died along with the guy who was stabbed, then it is pretty mindblowing to see it happen on film. The collage effect of the film also conveys a clear idea of what kind of people were involved in the setting up of the concert and attending it - from the greasy racetrack ovner seeking publicity to the terrifying Angels themselves marching across the srtage like Soviet border guards. The reviewer is right the Stones comments are vacuous - even Mick says "Rubbish" when watching his on his own filmed repllies to an interviewer. But it is the images themselves that speak volumes of a fascinating and truly freaky event..."

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