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"There is really no excuse for presenting Huddleston's resentful venom under the Time Out banner. Leguizamo has managed, whatever one feels about the projects with which he has involved himself, or indeed about his talent, to maintain a working life in Hollywood and New York. The former, in particular, is a merciless place to make a living, especially for a young Latino (I know; I have lived and worked here for 13 years). That he persevered, that he is present enough in moviegoers' consciousness even to warrant Huddelston's snarky outburst, that Leguizamo can fill theatres off-Broadway, all attest to a quality that any movie star would admire: Staying Power. And just what has Huddleston done that so engages the global film-and-playgoing public as to authorise his quite ridiculous sarcasm? Sarcasm which sounds, more than anything else, like a jilted, petulant boyfriend who just got dumped rather than a "critic". But thank you for reminding me why I left London to live in the US years ago - the relentless British need to put down everyone who has managed a modicum of success."

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