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"Most people will agree that texas is such a fragile and volatile land ,that to fuel it with such farcical ,charismatic,spurious legendary villains made by cinema antics into icons is a travesty in itself. Texans hardly attire as stylishly as these 2 desperados do in the style set by Dietrich and Fairbanks and they talk like Trotsky too,but the guns of texas spare no one ,mostly innocents and penn takes a macabre delight in staging his gory orgies . This is the beginning of the slasher-mafia gang shootout GENRE ,and a celebration of violent spectacle and it reflects on the vietnam trauma faced by a nation which had killed millions in a pointless war ,maybe the success of the venture was secondary to the thirst for bringing the violence to home states in the form of romanticism . The performances ,technical details and costumes along with production design is immaculate if inappropriate ,but as for authenticity -Terence mallicks Badlands beats the movie by far . The serial killing hedonistic hetero sexual couple here were rather perfunctory though gorgeous to look at ,the antique cars are a treat to look at as are the somewhat vapid talents of beatty ,but he is a very handsome man and has a certain charm ,though i am sure clyde was rather an ordinary fella -but then history is never interesting till romanticised and this is more romance with violence galore then an authenticated historical account .that i think will never be made -as today it has degenerated into a crass of ambiguous immorality which worships at the pulpit of tasteless vulgarity overblown by insipid characters played by mediocre stars . This is vintage wine though made in texas .but it does serve a basic purpose and dunaway and beatty do have some delightful chemistry,even though the rest of the cast is perfunctory. usman khawaja - jbz7879"

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