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"A mayhem by Maybury and Macdonald will be the most appropriate way of describing this absolutely vile piece of cinema which is devoid of any sense of passion or doom,as it leaves neither it's characters with any dignity nor the human spirit with any redemtion as everyone indulges in a mock play of pedantic mood swings at the expense of the audience to torture them ,the very setting of the blitz with vera singing and entertaining the victims in the bomb shelters is tasteless as london burns and people die overhead ,that she does so in the style of Garbo in Grand hotel is preposterously funny and vicious. Meanwhile Dylan is blessed with the conception that because he is a poet and has to create he has to feed off the energy of others to create and he uses that excuse to frolic with any thing in a frock and piss while drunk in the living room of his hosts . It might be the war but there does not seem to be any rationing or dearth as booze ,tobacoo and nylons and makeup are overabundant for the two seriously retarded women played by miller and khightley ,while miller-MRS.DYLAN is a nympho maniac who follows in the footsteps of dylan and screws anything in pants while also showing the licentious lesbian tendencies of the b-grade trashy pseudo-intellectual caricateures of liberated female libertines from mediocre european art cinema , she is reduced to a spoof by the awful script which takes sienna miller for a ride while a smitten soldier in the form of william-MURPHY proposes to marry VERA-keira after bedding her in a badly shot and poorly lit LOVE scene which wants to convince us that maybury is making DONT LOOK NOW ,in fact he is making a spoof rather inadvertently of Closer or Carnal knowledge and any one aware of the existence of these movies needs to take some medication along to help them from wanting to kill the entire team out of tedious dismay or self-frustration at the dismally vapid character study , the Rembrandt style interiors are matched by the Turner inspired outdoors and the cameraman irritates even more with his silly antics ,the distraction is ultimately fatal and suffocates you to actually sympathize with william who tries to put a violent end to this psychotic and schizoid charade with a gun in the finale , i wish he had taken to those extremes earlier as this is an exquisite and excruciating torture and that would have been a very sympathetic gesture towards the audience , the 2 whining kids say it all as the two women compete to share the bed and bath of dylan and numerous other men in an excuse that it is not love but just fucking ,i was left to wonder who was the creative genius who edited this totally misconceived tale of pointless debauchery which really has nothing to say either as a conception of love or sexual behaviour ,if all that was required was some trashy dialogue and keira showing her tits then we could have been spared this disgrace ,as there is a sharp EDGE BETWEEN ART AND ARTIFICE ,AND THIS IS THE MOST AERIFICIAL TAKE ON LOVE OR SEX I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. as for ATONEMENT ,it is blasphemous to even compare that work with the likes of this self indulgent mockery of artistic senses ,and if keira had any sense she ought to have avoided this by a million miles after that classic ,it just demonstrates you need more than stars and frames lit like paintings from the baroque to impressionist art to make good cinema and that ATONEMENT was achieved by the smart pen of Hampton and the hard work of Wright rather then the charms of knightley and the costume designer. This is a sheer waste of celluloid and a disgusting discourse on the obsession of love which makes even a hard core porno look more romantic as the sharp edges of the razor like camera and the vulgarity of the familiar dialogues actually sound like someone sharpening knives ,a shame for everyone concerned with this mournful and dreary epic filmed in very poor taste in the name of art as this is a pretense not even worthy of the likes of the spoof horrors like Cottage ,which was easily the worst British movie i saw this year .avoid like the plague if you liked atonement ,otherwise you can watch it for the sheer pleasure of comparing the two pieces and arriving at your own conclusion which is the only satisfaction i derived out of this experience and it was certainly worth it."

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